Czech & Speake – No. 88 Shave Soap 90g

SKU: EL2090


THE PERFECT SHAVE: an unrivalled shave experience when used in harmony with our anodized aluminum razor, and silver tip badger hair brush, or as a refill for our No.88 Anodized Aluminum Shaving Dish

SEVEN TIMES MILLED: the No.88 Shaving Soap is seven times milled to ensure absolute perfection before being aged for sixty days in traditional ventilated cabinets.

NATURAL FORMULATION: the soap is formulated with natural oils, including coconut oil, creating a luxurious, creamy lather that moisturizes the skin and leaves it delicately fragranced.

SIGNATURE SCENT: lightly scented with the essential oils of our iconic fragrance No.88. A complex combination of bergamot, geranium, rose otto and frangipani with base notes of sandalwood and vetiver.