BRD5 – Kent Beechwood Monster Beard Brush



The monster – a moniker not to taken lightly. This isn’t just some tarted up| rebranded| off-the-shelf hairbrush put to the market under the guise of being a legitimate beard brush. Absolutely not. As real brush makers| Kent is not in the business of falsification| smoke or mirrors. When they design a brush to untangle an issue they start from the ground up. The brush has been designed and built by their finest| bearded brush makers. Two hundred and forty years of brush making knowledge| craftsmanship| care and attention has been poured into every Monster. Instantly recognisable| the unique Kent beard brush handle| with its flintlock pistol grip is unparalleled in design| comfort and ease of use. The monsters head is large enough to accommodate the unruliest of beards whilst maintaining its own dignity. A very special hand-mixed blend of both horse hair and uniquely selected nylon combine to create a tufted head of unimaginable beard grooming brilliance.