The Victoria Egg White Soap

Why does this little soap have such a large cult following?

April 29, 2021

The Backstory

If you have ever heard of the famous Victoria Egg White Soap, you have probably heard the story of how it was inspired by a timeless tradition. For many generations, Swedish women have created their own homemade facial masks using a mixture of egg whites, rose water, and glycerin. This practice was (and is still) regularly done to achieve a brighter and clearer complexion. As a tribute to this Swedish-born craft, Victoria modeled their Egg White Soap after the ingenious recipe. Seeing as that Victoria is still a holder of the Swedish Royal Warrant, it is safe to say the soap is fit for the Queen of Sweden herself.

How Does It Work?

I definitely held some reservations about the idea of whisking up a few frothy egg whites with rose water and applying it to my face – that is until I tried the Victoria Egg White soap and reaped the rewards. But, what exactly makes the egg white soap such a magical skin care product? Here we will discuss the three main components of the Victoria Egg White soap and their benefits.

LANOLIN: Lanolin is a waxy substance that plays a role in nature by protecting sheep’s wool and skin from both climate and the environment. It is a lipid-rich emollient that is commonly used in cosmetics to moisturize and prevent dry, rough, irritated skin. This is achieved by sealing in moisture and restoring the skin barrier.

ROSEWATER: With antioxidant & anti-inflammatory properties, rosewater encourages hydration while calming irritation and regulating oil production. This reduces redness, puffiness, and prevents acne from excessive sebum build-up.

EGG WHITE: Egg whites contain a number of hydrolyzed proteins that act as humectants. These proteins bond with water and help ‘lock’ the moisture into the skin. The increased hydration leads to the desirable plumping and firming effect. In addition, egg whites contain a protein called lysozyme – an enzyme that breaks down the acne causing bacteria “Propionibacterium acnes”. The P. acnes typically accumulates around dead skin cells, debris, and sebum, and causes the inflammation that leads to breakouts. The mixture of lysozymes and the other purifying properties of the egg white soap help to cleanse the skin and disrupt this problematic process.

You can immediately feel the difference on your skin after even the first use. I personally noticed that my texture was much smoother, I had less noticeable impurities, and my skin felt firmer and therefore more hydrated. It is no wonder the egg white soap craze has now ventured far from its roots in Sweden. The soap continues to surge through other regions, most recently being celebrated in Korean skin care, and now slowly finding its way here into America. Our company has sure seen a rising increase in demand and there is no doubt about why!

So what do you think? Have you tried the egg white soap?

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